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Valentine / Galentine’s Day Gift Guide

With only one week to Valentine’s Day I thought I would put together a little gift guide from brands that I love to follow on Instagram. My husband and I aren’t really doing anything for it this year since we’ve got so much else going on so this is kind of a wish list also. Of course if you prefer to celebrate my much preferred Galentine’s Day instead on the 13th then I think these gifts can work also. Or if you want to just treat yourself, here are some of my favourites.

A Year of Dates (@ayearofdates)

I first came across A Year of Dates through a sample I received in a gift bag at a Cailyn’s Mummy Club event. It was a month of dates and my husband and I loved the concept. We are one of those couples that are both extremely indecisive and will spend hours going back and forth before we usually end up agreeing on the first idea we came up with so for us these handy little cards took away that stress and instead added excitement! You don’t know what is in each envelope until you open it. The colour coded envelopes give you a little clue so if you’re in the mood for a particular kind of date you can choose a corresponding coloured envelope. This year, A Year of Dates, added to the brand with their ‘Making Memories’ journal so that you can collect ticket stubs, photos, memories from all your dates through the year. I absolutely love this idea and they do birthday versions as well as a children’s year of play if you are looking for something different. You can purchase all products at

Atria Decor (@atria_decor)

Atria Decor have lots of amazing, unique gift ideas but the one which I think is absolutely fantastic for Valentine’s is their new star maps. Send Gemma your special date and location and she will turn this in to a beautiful print that contains what the night sky looked like on that date as well as a little inscription. This would be perfect for weddings, births, milestone birthdays, lots of occasions! I plan on getting one for the night I was married and also the night Dylan was born. Can’t get a much more unique gift than that! You can buy this at 



Mallow & Co. (@marshmallowandco)

One of my favourite things is toasted marshmallows, it’s 80% the reason why I enjoy camping (alcohol being the other 20%). Now you don’t need to get a sore back and eaten alive by midges to experience this delicious treat. Mallow & Co offer toasting kits. We tried one out last week and it was so fun. You just light the flammable gel in a small tin and toast away! We had salted caramel marshmallows as well as mint choc chip. They were both delicious, even more so toasted as the chocolate and caramel melted. It was really fun too. You can get a kit from



Novell Designs (@novell_designs)

Novell Designs are known for their faceless illustrations. I have got three so far which once I finally get round to decorating shall be pride of place in our living room. You send the girls any photo you would like and they will tell you if it would work or not. They can add in objects and different backgrounds also. I think this would be the perfect gift for any occasion, not only Valentine’s. If you’re celebrating Galentine’s Day, why not get an illustration of you and your bestie. definitely not going to have another gift like it. You can order through Instagram


Naissance (@naissancetrading)

For Christmas the husband got me a Naissance massage gift set which had three different kind of massage oils. I have had a lot of trouble with my back since giving birth and so request back massages regularly. It was a really thoughtful gift and I have to say the oils are amazing! They are natural and organic and the ‘Work it Out’ massage oil for sore muscles is especially fantastic! I have never felt so relaxed and pain-free after a massage. This might be more of a Valentine’s gift than Galentine’s unless you are the bestest friend ever and offering a massage also. And yes I do know how lucky I am to have a husband who only complains mildly when I ask for a back rub. You can pick up the gift set here (*affiliate link).


Atria Fragrance (@atria_fragrance)

No Valentine’s Day would be complete without a candle and my favourites are from Atria Fragrance. Not only is the scent throw amazing, they also have brilliant pun names. I have the ‘Clean and Tumbled’ candle and it smells as if I have been doing the laundry all day, every day. All candles are hand poured using only soy wax and the best quality ingredients. I think candles are also a great Galentine’s gift because which girl doesn’t love a candle? Well my friend who has pretty bad allergies doesn’t but I’m pretty sure she’s the exception to the rule. If you’re looking for a beautiful candle with a long-lasting scent, head to


Anatomicals (@anatomicalsuk)

My husband will probably deny this but he loves when we have a pamper night and get face masks on. I have used Anatomicals for a while now and I think their body and skincare range is so diverse. The puns also give you a good giggle (can you tell I love a pun?). I can have pretty sensitive skin at times, especially during the winter, and their products still don’t irritate it which is a really good sign. I think this is how we will probably spend our Valentine’s night, sitting at home with face masks on watching TV. You can purchase Anatomicals at asos, Superdrug and Boots.


Rowdy and Fancy’s Chocolate (@rowdyandfancys)

No Valentines, Galentine’s or in my case, any day, would be complete without some chocolate. Now I haven’t actually tried this particular brand but I keep seeing them pop up on my Instagram and it looks delicious! Plus they’ve been named one of six UK chocolate heroes in the Jamie magazine so it must be good. There are really interesting flavour combinations too and it looks pretty luxurious. Definitely one I will be trying. You can try some for yourself at


Thank you for taking the time to have a read and I hope I’ve introduced you to some amazing small brands. However you spend this ‘romantic season’ I hope that you are surrounded by love and treat yo self above all else!


Disclaimer: I was not gifted any of the above items to review for this post. I was previously gifted the Anatomicals items in the photo and the toasting kit (not the marshmallows) from Mallow & Co but they were not for reviewing purposes. All links are non affiliate unless clearly stated. All thoughts and opinions are my own. Image copyright belongs to each brand’s Instagram.



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