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TK Maxx Toy Haul

Dylan and I have been feeling pretty rubbish with the dreaded lurgy so when we were asked if we would like to check out the new toys available at TK Maxx we jumped at the chance! Dylan was getting fed up of the sight of his current toys since we have been in the house more than usual so I was excited to see what we could get to keep him amused. Shopping with a little one is a challenge at the best of times, and when I’ve been feeling as under the weather as I have been, it’s easy just to do everything online. I absolutely love discovering hidden gems, but I’m a lazy shopper and I like everything laid out in front of me, easy to see. However, I can honestly say it was definitely worth the trip.

Toys a plenty

The store has just had a massive intake of toy stock and I was pleasantly surprised at the toys that were available. All brand names and character toys but not at the usual prices which is great at the best of times but definitely helpful when you are on reduced maternity pay like I currently am. We got a trolley and off we went in search of hidden gems galore!

Range of toys

Dylan is a huge fan of anything sensory and luckily there were lots of toys that fitted the bill with lights, sounds and interesting textures. Right away Dylan was drawn to a few items that he was obviously wanting to investigate further. This sensory ball was only £9.99 and usually sells for £12.99.

For me or Dylan?

I fell absolutely in love with a large plush elephant. I had been wanting to get a large toy animal to go in his new nursery but never dreamed we would be able to afford it. This elephant was supposed to be £49.99 but it was only £29.99! There was a huge selection of different kinds of animals also, even a giant unicorn which I wanted for myself. Dylan took a minute to investigate Mr Elephant but I can see them becoming firm friends for life.

I’m pretty sure Dylan is on the cusp of crawling so I was on the hunt for any toys that would encourage this. Sure enough I found this cute little frog that hops away, down from £12.99 to £7.99! I also wanted a toy that helps Dylan sort shapes after playing with something similar in the doctor’s surgery one day. We found this handy, portable one for only £9.99!

Amazing value! 

Whilst we were having a rummage I came across a toy I had bought for Dylan at another store a few weeks ago, £10 cheaper!!! I couldn’t believe it. Thinking ahead for Christmas (it’s almost November, we can talk about it now right?) I spotted a couple of toys recommended for 9+ months which Dylan will be at Christmas time. The savings in price swung it for me and I got these two activity toys. Both feature songs and bright colours which help develop cause and  effect and fine motor skills. The tree house toy was £19.99, usually retailing at £24.99 and the dance mat was only £29.99, usually a whopping £44.99!!! Major savings!

Money saved = happy mum

Overall we spent just over £100 but with everything we got we saved over £50 than if we had purchased elsewhere. If you are looking for toys to keep the kids busy over half term or are thinking ahead for Christmas, get down to TK Maxx sharpish to check out the toys available and save yourself a few pounds. Obviously since the toys are available at such great prices, there are very rarely more than a couple available of each item in each store and once they’re gone, that’s it, so it’s best to get there quick. Some of the shelves were already a lot barer than they had been just yesterday. You can also have a look at the stock online here.

I have to say I was honestly really pleasantly surprised at the toys available. They were even sectioned off in to baby, and older boys and girls toys so it was easy to find the range you were looking for. I challenge anyone to go in store and not be able to uncover some hidden treasures for their little ones. If you do pop in to store or browse the goodies online this weekend, let me know what bargains you were able to find in your local TK Maxx.



Disclaimer: I was provided with a TK Maxx gift card to purchase toys within store although I have put some of my own money towards the total mentioned. All opinions are my own and no way influenced by anyone.

2 thoughts on “TK Maxx Toy Haul

  1. Fantastic blog piece and right before Christmas, perfect timing really! I am really surprised by all the variety with regards to the different brands on offer and also the substantial discount. And that plush elephant is a dream! I’ll let you know what I find when I visit TK Maxx next!

    1. Thank you lovely. It’s definitely worth a look before buying elsewhere as they were much better value. Let me know if you manage to get the giant unicorn!

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