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Why are there so many parenting blogs?

Hello, it’s been a while and I’m about to tell you why! If you have come here looking for the definitive answer as to why there are a trillion quadrillion parenting blogs then I’m sorry, I don’t know. This is more of a musings style blog piece. Also if you have stumbled upon this post because you want to know how to stop so many parenting blogs popping up then you are definitely in the wrong place. Thought I would give you the heads up now to save your time reading through the entire post.

Isn’t this a parenting blog?

Yes, yes it is. I started blogging when Dylan was only three months old. The main purpose of my blog was to be an extension of my Instagram where I document every little thing Dylan does each day so I never forget. An online diary if you will. As with most parenting blogs, my first post was about Dylan’s birth story. I had an induced labour and thought it was great! Well, as great as pushing a whole human being out can be. Prior to being induced I could only find negative stories online so I thought I might be able to help an expectant Mum who was going down the induction route.


Once I had shared the personal posts about my pregnancy and labour I decided to do a couple of reviews. I have always enjoyed writing reviews and have been a member of several research panels as a result. Finding pros and cons of products really does it for me for some reason! So at my own expense I wrote a few reviews about products that I use with Dylan. This is when things started to get tricky. Once I had published a couple, companies started to get in touch asking me to work with them. Great, I thought! But then the worries start to creep in. They’ve said they want an honest review, but do they really? If I’m really honest and say some negatives then will I be held liable? Do I risk future work if I don’t do what they’re obviously looking for, a glowing review? So I did one and stopped. There were certain phrases the company wanted put in and it just didn’t feel natural to me and I cringe when I read it back. I was extremely grateful for the opportunity but my foray in to sponsored reviews was done.

What next?

I thought I would return to the good old personal experience posts but entering the blogging world had introduced me to lots of other parenting blogs. Every ‘good’ idea I had was already published on someone else’s blog! Most of the time, much more eloquently written than I ever could hope to achieve. It turns out being a parent is a pretty similar experience for most people. We all appear to have the same worries, thoughts and achievements. I felt that if I wasn’t going to add anything to the ‘blogosphere’ (think that’s what the cool kids call it) then what was the point? So I stopped writing altogether. Every time I thought of a good post, a quick google search found me it already on several other blogs. It also became apparent that having a successful blog isn’t so much about the content, it’s more of a popularity game. I’ve come across blogs that have won awards that have awful spelling and grammar. I’ve also found small blogs with amazing content that can’t seem to get any recognition.

So wait, why are there so many parenting blogs?

As I said at the start, I don’t know. I can only guess that most of them started out with the same intention as myself and grew from there. I personally don’t think it’s a bad thing that there are so many. I enjoy reading blogs and I find it quite reassuring that several people feel the exact same way about parenthood as I do or have had similar experiences. It’s like a little community that provide validation you aren’t a terrible parent because Mary has also considered leaving her child at a fire station when they won’t sleep for longer than 2 hours at a time.

What’s the point?

I guess what I’m trying to say is that I started this blog with no expectations and it all went to pot when I got some. So I’m going to write when I want, about what I want. I’ll probably do more reviews too but you can be rest assured I will have bought the product, been given it through a research panel that do genuinely want real reviews or if it does happen to be sponsored (although I doubt it after this post), every word will be my own. And if you feel like you’ve read this post before, you probably have, on another blog.