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Harry & Rose: Baby Skincare Review

If like me from the minute your baby was born you were terrified to use any products that may irritate their skin after being reminded a million times how sensitive their skin is, you will know the struggle of finding good, quality skincare products to use safely. Prior to giving birth I had been gifted a couple of Johnson’s baby bath products but after reading the worrying news stories on some of the ingredients they use (apparently not used in the UK but we didn’t want to take the chance) we decided to look elsewhere for Dylan’s skincare products. We first started using the Aveeno baby hair and body wash and Dylan’s skin has never had an issue with it. However, after a while I fancied a new smell when I sniff Dylan (not weird right?) so I turned to Instagram and discovered Harry & Rose.

Harry & Rose

Harry & Rose are a husband and wife team from England who after having their own little human decided to create a brand of baby skincare products that would be gentle but also luxurious. The branding on the bottles is certainly beautiful and distinctive and when I received them through the post I definitely did feel I was getting something a little extra special. All of the products are made in the UK and are free from all of the nasty stuff such as Parabens, Phthalates, SLS/SLES, Dyes, Mineral Oils and Fragrance Allergens. The ingredients are natural, organic, hypoallergenic and all dermatologically tested (no animal testing here, yay!). Taking all of this in to account I decided to purchase three of their baby skincare products to try with Dylan.

Baby Hair-Body Wash £6.90

Hair and body wash is the skincare product we use the most of with Dylan so we definitely put this to the test. Firstly, the bottle is really handy with a pump dispenser so that you can use it one handed which I certainly need to do at the moment since Dylan has taken to leaning forward in the bath so much so it almost tips! Secondly, it smells lovely and clean. It contains sunflower, coconut, cottonseed, calendula, chamomile and aloe vera. I definitely think it is the aloe vera and coconut that gives it such a lovely smell. Using natural ingredients it also comes with the benefits they bring such as anti inflammatory and antibacterial properties. We have been using this product on Dylan for around three weeks now and love it. His skin continues to remain clear without any dry patches and we have not experienced any adverse reactions.

Nappy Spray £4.90

Nappy spray was the product I was most excited about trying. A spray that can moisture and soothe baby’s bum, sign me up! It has a very fresh scent with a hint of flowers which probably comes from the natural ingredients of calendula, sunflower, chamomile, aloe vera and witch hazel. We used this after every nappy change and to begin with it was great. Dylan’s bum felt more moisturised and the smell was great for covering over the poosplosion that had just occurred. However, after a few days I noticed that Dylan’s bum looked slightly red and he would pull his bum away after spraying it. We stopped using the spray right away and the redness went. It looks like Dylan has unfortunately inherited my awkward skin type that reacts to witch hazel. I can use most skincare items but anything with a touch of witch hazel and my skin looks like I’ve been sunburnt. I know mums who use this product on their babies with really bad eczema and have no problems so I wouldn’t have any qualms about saying to friends to try it but unfortunately it’s not one I can use with Dylan which is a real shame as the idea is fantastic. Not one to waste money though I have been using the spray as an air freshener when changing Dylan in public. Now I don’t have to leave the baby changing toilet looking embarrassed with the smell that the next person is walking in to!

Baby Soft Lotion £6.90

The baby soft lotion has probably turned out to be my favourite product to use. When putting the lotion on it feels slightly thick, however after using some on myself it feels light on the skin and non greasy. It has a very similar scent to the hair-body wash which makes sense since they contain all of the same ingredients. The lotion does also contain sweet almond and I think that gives it a slightly stronger scent, although not overpowering. My mum has really bad excema which means she cannot use the majority of skincare products on the market. Since the baby soft loftion states it is suitable for sensitive skin I gave her some to try and with much surprise to her she didn’t react at all. In fact she commented on how much softer her skin was feeling. The pump dispenser is again handy on the bottle, especially when doing baby massage. No having the bottle slip out of your hand when trying to open the bottle cap.

Wash Mitt £4.00

I wasn’t planning on buying the wash mitt, however the site offers free delivery on orders over £20 so it worked out that getting the mitt was only going to cost £2.70. I can’t say no to a bargain! We have actually found the mitt really useful. It is made of 70% cotton and 30% bamboo so you know it is soft. Now when we are washing Dylan we don’t have the problem of our hands getting too slippery and struggling to get in to his neck folds. This wash mitt makes sure he is cleaned from top to bottom. One downside to it I would say though is that the mitt is a bit on the small side for male hands. As you can probably see from the photo, my husband’s hand just about fits in to the glove. It fits my hand perfectly however.


Overall I would recommend the Harry & Rose range to any parent. It is a bit more expensive than other products on the market but you do feel you are getting something extra special and using it feels like a real treat. Being on maternity leave pay I don’t think I will be buying it consistently, however I think that I will use it turn about with the Aveeno products we were already using. I think it will definitely feel like a treat using it this way. Harry & Rose have just been awarded ‘Gold’ by the Mumii awards for best organic skincare so it is clearly a favourite of many mums. I like that it is natural and organic ingredients that are used so you don’t have to worry about all the chemicals with extremely long, confusing names like other products available. I also like the packaging, it looks pretty and I’m a sucker for pretty products. They also offer gift sets which are just as pretty and I think they would make a lovely gift for baby showers or newborn presents.

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Important: I bought all of the above products with my own money and was not asked to review any of the items for my blog. The opinions included are all my own and were not influenced in any way.