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Baby Formula: A Review

If you read last weeks post you’ll know that we started using formula with Dylan pretty early on and like most parents we had to try several different brands and types before finding the right one so I thought it might be useful for others considering formula to read our experiences with it.


Our first formula was SMA. The hospital gave this away with us so we just stuck with that for a good while. We used the ready-made formula as since we weren’t planning on bottle feeding we didn’t have a clue what we were doing so stuck with ready-made since it was literally a case of pouring it out of the bottle. I had read as well since it was sterile it was gentler on their little digestive systems. However, Dylan started to get really bad trapped wind and after trying every anti colic medication under the sun we thought changing the formula might be the answer.

Cow & Gate Comfort

After trawling the web for formula that helped babies with colic we ended up moving on to Cow and Gate Comfort after reading so many great reviews. Unfortunately they don’t make it in a ready-made formula so we had to actually learn what we needed to do to make up a powdered formula. Pretty much right away after the switch Dylan started screaming for the majority of the day. After being warned not to change too often we waited a week to see if it was the formula or not and unfortunately it looked like it was the formula so we changed again.


Thinking the most expensive would equate to the best we moved on to Aptamil ready-made. Almost instantly Dylan was much more settled. We had finally found a formula that worked, yay! We stuck with ready-made until Dylan was 3 months old, then we thought we would move to powder since at £3.70 a bottle a day we were going to be bankrupt pretty soon! We had pretty much decided to stick with Aptamil, that was until an unexpected trip to Aldi.

Aldi Mamia

We don’t normally shop in Aldi but had popped in since we were passing to get rolls for tea. We noticed they sold Aptamil powder formula so were just about to buy it when we noticed Aldi did their own formula and it was HALF PRICE!!! £6.99 for the exact same sized tub. I compared the ingredients and they were pretty much identical. Not only that they were made in the exact same place in Ireland. We decided to give it a go and bought the Aldi formula. When we got home I was so worried that there must be something wrong with it for it to be so cheap. I spent the night googling reviews on the Aldi formula to make sure I wasn’t going to harm my baby. I came across an interesting study from the First Steps Nutrition Trust reviewing all the types of formula available and it looked like Aldi was just as good as the rest of them so with my fears eased we started Dylan on it the next day. He has now been on Aldi’s own formula for around 3 months and we haven’t had any problems at all. One downside to it is that they don’t make the small ready-made formula bottles that are a god send when out and about but the inconvenience is a small price to pay for the amount of money we’re saving.


There isn’t much evidence as to why some formulas agree with some babies more than others, it’s pretty much a case of trial and error. However, I hope this blog post helps some parents realise most expensive doesn’t always necessarily mean best. Most of the money you pay for formula is for packaging and research so don’t be afraid to give a cheaper formula a try. If you have a read of the study from the First Steps Nutrition Trust you will see that the so-called ‘advanced’ and ‘pro’ formulas have nothing in them that make them any better so save yourself some money and stick with the normal formula.



Important: I purchased all of the above products with my own money and I have not been asked to review any of these products. All of the above are my own thoughts, opinions and feelings.

2 thoughts on “Baby Formula: A Review

  1. Such an insightful post! We currently use Aptamil however after reading this great review, I’m going to try the Aldi brand.

    1. Thanks for reading. We certainly haven’t had any issues with it but I know some mums whose little ones have. Think its like all other formulas, some agree with them and some don’t. It’s certainly worth a try though.

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